ReMake at ReMode

Through its four pillars (REMAKE, RETHINK, REINVEST, and REMARKET), REMODE will offer tangible concepts and collaborative experiences to address and inspire change across all aspects of the business of fashion.

The REMAKE pillar, in particular, will showcase novel ideas and solutions for design, production, wearables and sustainability. From understanding the impact customer needs and trends have on design and manufacturing, to leveraging technology to reduce time-to-market, and to discovering sustainable materials and practices, the REMAKE pavilion will delve into innovative and environmentally-friendly ways fashion can be made.


Throughout the two-day event, the REMAKE pavilion will host a program of panels and talks that will provide participants with first-row access to industry leaders and actionable takeaways. Program topics will include:

+ 101: Sustainable best practices
+ The big picture on sustainability: environmental impacts outside the fashion industry
+ Printing 3D clothing: What can my shirt DO for me?
+ Pipeline of manufacturing innovations and their implications on production timelines
+ Reimagining the supply chain for designers
+ Green packaging and shipping strategies to minimize the carbon footprint
+ How 3D printing is changing the production process
+ Spotlight on radical transparency
+ The Circular Economy
+ Fabric Innovation: The intersection between textiles and technology
+ Best practices and business solutions to using sustainable raw materials

Speakers you’ll hear from on these topics, and more, include Ned Munroe (Chief Global Design Officer, HanesBrands), Dr. Ivan Poupyrev (Director of Engineering, Google Jacquart Project), Adriano Goldschmied (Founder, Genius Group), Orsola de Castro (Co-Founder & Creative Director, Fashion Revolution), Celine Semaan (CEO & Designer, Slow Factory), Billie Whitehouse (CEO, Wearables X), Francois Girbaud (Founder & Owner, Marithé & François Girbaud), Scot Tatelman (Co-Founder, STATE Bags) Simardev Gulati (Co-Founder & CEO, Dropel), Jackie Trebilcock (Managing Director, NY Fashion Tech Lab), Fabien Seredarian (Director, MAZARS), Benita Singh (Founder & CEO, Le Souk), Samantha Smith (VP & Showroom Director, Franklin St. Showroom), Frederic Trinel (Co-Founder & Co-CEO, EcoVadis), and Matt Scanlan (Co-Founder & CEO, Naadam Cashmere).


In addition to educational talks and panels, the REMAKE pavilion will expose participants to a curated set of truly groundbreaking technologies and concepts that re-imagine how fashion is created. From robot mannequins to digital textile sourcing, here’s a glimpse of some of the exhibitors and innovations you’ll be able to see in action:

Le Souk is the first online trade show technology that directly connects the world’s finest textile suppliers to designers around the world. Within REMAKE, Le Souk will bring to life its online showroom in an onsite showcase of materials sourced from over 40 mills & tanneries around the world – all of which have a demonstrated commitment towards sustainability.

Mills and tanneries to be featured include Dias Ruivo (sustainable leather from Portugal), Naturtex (organic pima cotton from Peru), Herbal Fab (natural dyed fabrics from India), Avanti (organic cotton from Japan), and Oratex (circular knit fabrics from Canada). Learn more about Le Souk’s showcase of sustainability.

Centric Software provides a Digital Transformation Platform for the most prestigious names in fashion, retail, footwear, luxury, outdoor and consumer goods. The Centric Visual Innovation Platform (VIP) is a visual, fully digital collection of boards for touch-based devices like iPad, iPhone and large-scale, touch screen televisions. The platform transforms decision-making and automates execution to truly collapse time-to-market and distance-to-trend.

Centric’s flagship product lifecycle management (PLM) platform, Centric 8, delivers enterprise-class merchandise planning, product development, sourcing, business planning, quality, and collection management functionality tailored for fast-moving consumer industries.

Jacquard by Google is the first full scale digital platform created for smart clothing. It streamlines the way you access services and information by putting it right into the materials you already wear and use. Using touch gestures, you can access different abilities, such as getting directions or skipping to the next song. With Jacquard abilities you can easily interact with the digital world without disrupting what’s going on in your real one.

The first product incorporating the Jacquard platform – the Levi’s® Commuter™ Trucker jacket – was put on sale on September 27, 2017. This was one of many firsts for Levi’s, but a particularly exciting moment for the Jacquard team.

Euveka manufactures and develops evolutive and connected robot-mannequins controlled by a design software that is available to clothing industry professionals. Their solution allows accurate control in each step of making prototypes and customizing models to an exact size, without errors.

Euveka’s technology is a combination of mechatronics, computer technologies and materials that rely on a biomimetic process. Their connected mannequin, initially developed as a women, enables them to recreate 80% of current morphologies for Caucasian and Asian women, between 1m55 to 1m80 and body distortions and from ages 17 to 70.

What’s Euveka’s end goal? Their ambition is to become the leader in robotic technologies linked to morphology and biomimicry and a high-performance partner to clients as they progress towards producing personalized mass-market or custom-made clothing.

First Insight’s SaaS solution gives retailers and manufacturers insight into expected product performance and optimal entry price points for new items that have no sales history – all within 48-72 hours.

They do this through a scalable “big data” platform that enables thousands of consumers to evaluate hundreds of candidate new products through gamification and crowdsourcing. Online games are presented to consumers via social media, websites, emails, and on mobile devices. First Insight’s predictive analytic models filter and weight consumer input, ensuring that retailers and brands are listening to the right consumers. The result has been 3-9% gains in sales and margin dollars for all of First Insight’s customers.

Sourcemap helps companies map their supply chains, evaluate social, environmental and financial risks, and put systems in place for ongoing monitoring and optimization. Introduced in 2009, the industry’s first software-as-a-service for supply chain mapping is now being used by dozens of major brands including Mars, Ikea and Stonyfield.

Nineteenth Amendment is a platform for brands to increase their direct-to-consumer business without having to hold inventory and manufacture sales on-demand in the USA through a network of no minimum manufacturers in 4 to 6 weeks.

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